Fish & Chip Van

Fish & Chips served from a 1978 Vintage VW Bay Window Camper Van, “The Fish Bay” as she’s called was beautifully designed and restored to provide that unique dream experience to any event, the only known one around.

Ice Cream Bikes & Carts

Lovingly restored to her former glory and dressed in pretty pink, she is amazingly popular wherever she goes,” stop me and buy one”, creamy traditional soft scoop ice cream on top of a crisp wafer cone served with toppings galore.
Hot Dog Bikes & Carts

Delicious brockwhurst sausages served in a soft roll with buttery onions and lavished with tomato sauce and American mustard, all presented to you from our 1927 original tricycle.

Candy Carts

Everyone loves a sugary sticky and mouthwatering sweets, and we are no exception, our victorian styled candy carts are oozing with stickiness, sweetness and chocolate ness.
Candy Floss & Popcorn

All time fairground favourites, warm sweet popcorn and fluffy sticky candy floss, these great treats delight your guests with sweet smells from the popcorn cooking and the candy floss spinning its yarn.