Ice Cream Bikes & Carts

Nancy was one of the most popular girls names in 1930’s and our original ice cream bike who we named “Nancy” was born in 1934 and like namesake is our most popular trike.

Lovingly restored to her former glory and dressed in pretty pink, she is amazingly popular wherever she goes,” stop me and buy one”, creamy traditional soft scoop ice cream on top of a crisp wafer cone served with toppings galore.

She can provide four delightful flavours of ice cream, accompanied with a mixed sundry of cones and tubs alongside sauces and toppings which are displayed on a shabby chic pair of stepladders, bringing back the reminiscence of time.

Dressed to kill wearing their boater hats our staff will ensure your day is a memorable one, fully trained and proud to work with such a beautiful commodity from bygone times.

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